Get rid of MacKeeper

MacKeeper is clearly identified as Malware. There is no good to be had.

As a Mac technician I have had enough of this abomination on our untarnished Mac operating system. Enough of ridding client after client of this menace.


Don’t download or install MacKeeper!

If you find its nasty existence on any Mac. (Look for the racing driver in helmet icon in the top right of the screen to identify it.)

Follow the excellent instruction of

My article is not to rehash what they so nicely outline but to help with 1 or 2 points that could assist in ridding us of this demon.

Useful tips:

Don’t bother with the manual method of removal.

Scroll down the page and click on the link to download FastTasks 2 (for OS X 10.9 or later) or DetectX (for earlier versions of OS X)

Don’t skip the additional steps after clearing files with the above apps: In Safari, Reset ALL. Run Keychain app and search for “zeobit” and “MacKeeper” delete any Keychain entries for those.

Use the FastTask 2 Menu and select Show Hidden Files. YAY! no UNIX. That will get you to the mean .34788453 or similar hidden file that MacKeeper creates.

NEVER allow the MacKeeper uninstall app to complete! It might launch itself while you are moving it’s files to the Trash. You may need to hold down the power button of your Mac to Force shutdown rather than complete the uninstall process provided by MacKeeper. On restart you should be able to empty Trash without the uninstaller auto launching. The MacKeeper Uninstaller actually installs many more problems.

Run the Uninstaller for either of the apps used to clear the infection. They are not needed after the job is done.

Educate the Mac user so they do not re-install MacKeeper in the future!