Bluetooth not available

bluetooth-not-available-menu-macThanks Apple!

When I had no Apple mouse connection was the first I experienced the problem.

Bluetooth was simply not behaving as expected as I could not connect to any devices. I tried a restart.

After the restart Bluetooth not available was the only item under the Bluetooth icon in the top menu bar.

Thank you Google and

Using this technique I deleted both the lock file and the Bluetooth prefs in the root Library folder.

The trick and the reason for writing this post to point out how important the SHUT DOWN step is in the described procedure!

I had followed the steps but merely did a restart assuming that would be sufficient. WRONG!

The Mac needs to be SHUT DOWN and left switched off for a few minutes before powering it back on.

This sorted my Bluetooth not available. (MacBook Pro 13″ 2011)

Oddly, a few days later, my wife had exactly the same issue, resolved in the same fashion. (MacBook Pro Retina 13″ 2015)

As an Apple Mac freelance technician I expect to encounter more of this in the future then…

update to follow…