My character in Guilwars2: Maximo Destroyer

MMO is not an acronym that is familiar to the parent generation. It stands for massively multiplayer online gaming.

I use Guildwars2 to create common ground between me and my godson. He lives 1000s of km away from me and it’s tricky to always stay in communication and even more so to capture their attention. Lets be honest what red blooded man does not like a bit of death and destruction. That’s the main theme with most of these games. Create your character and run around killing things.

Guildwars2 is no exception to the killing spree but it is certainly not the only activity available. It allows you to gather items and then use them to craft other goods. The details of your chosen game is less important. The fact that you can team up with your kid and go on wild virtual adventures together is more relevant.

Here is the real gold nugget: it’s easy to setup a free TeamSpeak server on your PC. Using TeamSpeak and a headphone set you and your kid can talk to each other on your virtual world adventures. Most of your communication will be centred around the game play but as any parent will tell you having the common ground is invaluable. I find that it’s him teaching and leading me and this makes a interesting dynamic change from the parent always being the one that knows more about something and the parent leading the way.

Having created a platform that you can naturally talk to each other and have common goals will lead to more communication between you and your kid. On occasion he might even share some personal detail that you would not have been told had it not been for the relaxed and social environment you are now in.

TeamSpeak allows multiple connections. In one of our recent online sessions he asked if some of his buddies could join in. I could easily setup some new users and provide login passwords. I was the “cool dad” chatting and running around adventuring with my godson and his mates.