Social Media Step 1: a LinkedIn profile

Before you start with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other social media marketing for your business, make sure you have an up to date LinkedIn profile. This will ensure that other professionals can find you online, and you have control over what you want them to know about you as a professional.

LinkedInThe three main reasons why every professional person should have a LinkedIn profile:

  1. Search Results
    If you have never ‘Googled’ your own name, do it now! If you have a LinkedIn profile, your LinkedIn profile will most likely be the first search result. Now picture someone who doesn’t know much about you, but would like to do business with you… what will they find when they Google your name? It’s even more important if you have namesakes because your profile on LinkedIn should make it easy to figure out which one YOU are! Read More…

IP webcam

IP webcams are not new to the market. Traditionally they were prohibitively expensive and needed to be integrated into some sophisticated system to actually give you the functionality you needed. New to the market are WIFI IP Webcams like 1

Foscam is a well established name in the security camera market. It’s great that they have brought a product like the FI8918W Wireless IP Camera to the market. It can be wall or roof mounted. It allows remote Pan/Tilt control (Pan:270deg& Tilt:120deg) Best of all other than the power cable it’s all WIFI. The camera joins your home WIFI network. Another huge bonus feature is that you don’t need special software to view and control the camera. It’s all browser controlled. The website has a unique, secure code to access so that you don’t have to worry about the bad guys spying on your home. The website allows control and viewing of up to 9 cameras. This built in scalability is great as it soon becomes “imperative” to have one of these setup in a couple of places in the house.

Foscam also makes a WIFI outdoor IP Webcam. It’s not as clever as it’s static but has the all weather advantage.

Summary: Well worth a look as this is tech that was only for the big league and was prohibitively expensive. Foscam has introduced a product that immediately gives you full functionality at a price the average home owner can afford.


What is Social Networking?

If you look up the definition of social networking on Google, you will mostly find references to web sites like Facebook and Twitter, dedicated to posting messages and sharing photographs. This, however, is only in reference to the way we understand it in our hi-tech world today.


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If we ask someone of age 80-90 what social networking is, she may tell you it’s what they used to do after church on a Sunday, or whenever they had a gathering of neighbours.¬† They would have discussed where to get the best deals, how the weather is affecting crops, the financial state of the country, and other interests they share.¬† This is also what we still do today when we are having drinks or a meal with our friends – we talk about things we are interested in, share experiences and ask/give advice. We attend business networking functions and discuss topics around our professions or industries with our colleagues or industry peers.

Using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media platforms use the same principles as described above, we just do it online! There are of course the added factors of everything we say being published online, enabling those we grant access to it to read it again, quote it, share it, etc. but essentially the concepts remain the same.

Learn more about using social media to market your business online by attending one of my workshops!


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