Photo-sharing app review: Tadaa for iPhone

Tadaa is a a photo-sharing app that lets you edit and apply filters to your photos and share them in a community.


My Tadaa page – click to view

I love taking photos with my iPhone and after I stopped using Instagram, I tried a number of similar apps to use for posting my pictures online.  Tadaa offers much superior editing features, and I’m hooked!

What I like about Tadaa:

  1. Photo quality and size
    Comparing the Instagram pics I posted before with Tadaa pics, I realise how much I missed higher quality and larger (zoomable) pictures. Tadaa pics are posted at a maximum of 2048 x 2048 pixels and unlike Instagram, Tadaa doesn’t restrict users to a square image.
  2. Advanced editing features
    Not only do you get to crop, change contrast, brightness, saturation, HD, advanced tilt-shift with radius/blur/highlights/vignette, frames & filters… but you ALSO get to use a slider to change the level at which you want to apply each of these! Masking a part of the pic, you can also apply editing features to only a part of the pic, which makes the editing features extremely powerful.  I love it!
  3. Import from Instagram
    Tadaa made it easy for me to import all my Instagram photos into my Tadaa account, so now I have all my posted pics in one place again!
  4. tadaa editingEdit photos without signing up or posting
    You don’t have to post your pics online when you edit them for use elsewhere or sending to someone, so you don’t even need a Tadaa account!  Even when you have an account, you don’t have to post every pic you edit.  With Instagram you HAD to post it to at least Instagram.  I often edit and post a pic just to my Facebook friends or only to Twitter, and I like having this option.
  5. Copyright – your pics stay YOURS
    I didn’t find this a big issue for me on Instagram, but with higher quality photos it makes sense and it does attract more professional photographers.
  6. Follows, likes, comments, reposts
    There’s a great community on Tadaa already with people to follow and interact with, and if they like your pics they often repost it to their networks which exposes your pics to many more people.  I like this, but if you don’t want it, you can turn reposting off.  When I just joined, with few followers of my own, my one pic got over 100 likes in two hours because someone with loads of followers reposted it.
  7. Post a pic in response to another
    You can post a pic as a “comment” to another, so everyone can start challenges and others can respond with their own pics instead of comments – brilliant!
  8. Challenges
    This is a great way to get users to post a past pic or take a new one specifically for a challenge.  The last challenge I took part in was “surreal” and “cat expressions” and it makes for loads of fun checking out what others are posting, and finding new people to follow and interact with.

What I would still like to see added to Tadaa:

  1. Some kind of search where one can search for pics on a certain subject.  I realise this will need the poster to add tags (another thing Tadaa doesn’t have but I’m not missing without a search), but I would love to find others who post similar subjects to follow.  They do have an “Awesome” feature where you can see the top charts based on likes, new users and pics with the different filters applied to them.
  2. Space for a bio on profiles – I like knowing a bit about someone I follow, but maybe it’s just me!
  3. Preview on Twitter – Tadaa pics are not appearing in your Twitter timeline, instead a link is posted and this takes you to the pic.  If I want previews posted, I use Twitter for iPhone’s photo editing and posting feature – this also gets the pics into your Twitter photostream.
  4. Mentions – I’d like to be able to mention other users and have them notified of this.

Lately I’m also posting my “sellable” pictures on Foap (iPhone app) where other users can buy the right to the pics for Editorial or Commercial use.

What do you use for photo sharing?