Social Media Step 1: a LinkedIn profile

Before you start with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other social media marketing for your business, make sure you have an up to date LinkedIn profile. This will ensure that other professionals can find you online, and you have control over what you want them to know about you as a professional.

LinkedInThe three main reasons why every professional person should have a LinkedIn profile:

  1. Search Results
    If you have never ‘Googled’ your own name, do it now! If you have a LinkedIn profile, your LinkedIn profile will most likely be the first search result. Now picture someone who doesn’t know much about you, but would like to do business with you… what will they find when they Google your name? It’s even more important if you have namesakes because your profile on LinkedIn should make it easy to figure out which one YOU are!
  2. You have control
    YOU complete your profile, adding everything you want other professionals to know about you.  This allows you to decide whether your time as a barman on Ibiza 15 years ago contributes to who you are as a professional today, or whether you prefer to relate that experience on another platform.  Your LinkedIn profile should include your work experience, skills, education and a summary about you.  While your LinkedIn profile is NOT a CV, you should be honest and thorough in completing it but keeping it professional.  Think about the fact that other professionals will be using this information to decide whether you have the skills and experience for the services they expect from you or your business.
  3. LinkedIn is a PROFESSIONAL network
    Your holiday snaps, jokes you find funny, and your sometimes crazy friends will not be part of your LinkedIn profile, but would rather be found on Facebook which is a personal network. Keep your personal and professional networks separate and use them appropriately.  A potential client or employer wants to know about you as a professional!

You should have only ONE LinkedIn profile, not a new one every time you change careers or jobs.  Login today and make sure your profile is up to date, with a recognisable photo of you, and your current position as a headline.