DSTV on your iPad

DSTVSky TV in the UK has had this feature forever but it is great news that DSTV in South Africa has also made this amazing feature available.

You can now play DSTV OnDemand programs on your iPad.

It’s easy to setup and actually works perfectly well on a 4mb/sec MWEB ADSL line. All you need to do is register on the DSTV website. http://ondemand.dstv.com/
After the registration you will be sent an email. Following the basic instructions on the email DSTV send you, you will link your DSTV smart card number to this account. I would safely assume that this is how the application will determine what shows are available to you in the OnDemand section of the iOS application.

The DSTV application is available FREE from the South African App store. Once you have downloaded this on your iPad and logged in using your newly created account a new world of magic opens up to you.

But wait there is MORE:

The DSTV OnDemand selection on the iPad is much bigger than on your DSTV decoder’s OnDemand section. I was very pleasantly surprised to see a host of series and movies on the iPad OnDemand section that are not available when you check your DSTV decoder. The other killer feature is that every series lists its previous episodes. This makes it so easy and convenient to watch a couple of episodes in a series one after the other without having to hunt around. Given that without the ubiquitous adverts a series episode can easily finish within 35 minutes compared to the full 1 hour with adverts, this is a very tempting activity on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Multiple people can log into the DSTV app with the same account information. This will facilitate you, the wife and all the kids to have access to the series and movies on their individual iPads. GO ON admit: everyone in the family DOES have their OWN iPad.

Thank you DSTV.

You might have retained me as a client due to this breakthrough facility.


In app purchases

iapThe current trend is that apps are free to download and use but the developers build in “in app purchases.” These are also referred to as micro transactions. It’s not a bad practise or done with any malicious intent. It rewards the developers with some money to continue their endeavours.

For example: you could download a basic drawing program and then opt to purchase additional pen types or additional colours.

The problems arise when the ipad is handed over to our little darlings. (Kids) The games they download with or without our consent mostly have these in app purchases. To make matters worse there is often confusion between rewards earned within the game and those that will be billed to your credit card. Remember your ipad is connected with your iCloud account which has your credit card details. To authorise a purchase from within an game or app it’s often as easy as clicking on the OK option provided. BOOM money has been deducted from your credit card.

All parents can take steps to avoid such a fate: If you have an iPhone or iPad, go into Settings, then into General, then Restrictions. Enable restrictions (you’ll have to create a PIN so Timmy can’t undo your handiwork) and then turn off  In-App Purchases under the Allowed Content heading. You can also adjust further parameters, such as whether your kids can have access to iTunes, the camera, or the Safari Web browser.


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