Do you have a secure backup of your website?

hackerIf the answer is no you stand a very real chance of losing all of it completely. We live in a time that hackers abound. Their motives for creating havoc on your site is often not clear. You should be aware that to be recognised as a “hacker” you have to be rated. To obtain said rating the padawan hacker has to hack a website leaving their hacker handle as proof of their dirty work.

This explains a reason behind their intent. There’s obviously a million other reasons why your site could be targeted. No matter what precautions you might have taken or how up to date you keep your website, YOUR WEBSITE CAN BE HACKED.

This is where a secure full backup of the site is essential. The auto backups provided by many ISP is not sufficient. You need a backup plan of your own.

If you have an old style static HTML website a simple copy of all the files will suffice.

Add ons have made it really easy with websites created in WordPress or Joomla. These add ons make backup a simple one click procedure. Critically the add ons automate the complex task of not only backing up the myriad of files but also backup the underlying databases.