What to do with Duplicate Accounts in LinkedIn

In every LinkedIn workshop I find at least one person who has a duplicate LinkedIn profile – this is a very common occurrence as most professionals think they should create a LinkedIn profile for every new job or career.  This is not true, and can be crippling to your profile for various reasons:

  • Duplicate LinkedIn accountsWhen searching for your name in LinkedIn, all your (and your namesakes’) profiles will be returned in the results.  This is very confusing and does you no favours. Someone you have done business with may ask for your connection on the old profile and you will not receive the request, or worse… someone WANTS to do business with you but you do not answer their messages to your old profile.
  • All your professional experience, education and skills on ONE profile gives a complete overview of you as a professional. There’s no reason to separate it.
  • As you change jobs or companies, the email from your LinkedIn profile may be sent to a deleted email address.  The right thing to do would be to add a personal email address such as your Gmail address to your LinkedIn profile to allow password reminders/changes to be sent to you.  This way you will always be able to log into your LinkedIn profile to update your new position & company, and add your new email address.

Most of the duplicate accounts I encounter were created because the owner of the profile could not remember the password when they try to log in, and the email address LinkedIn sends password reminders/changes to, no longer exists.

If you find yourself with duplicate LinkedIn profiles, and you do know the login information for all of them, you can request LinkedIn to assist you with merging your profiles. You can also use this service to let LinkedIn know about an account you can no longer access when you don’t remember the password and no longer have access to the email address.

If you can login to all your LinkedIn accounts, you can login to the old account and close the account.

Remember: You need only ONE, up-to-date, complete profile on LinkedIn!